Northern Star bring a rather unique combination of enthusiasm and friendliness together with utmost professionalism. They are thorough, yet approachable; systematic, yet engaging; highly competent, yet passionate about supporting the most vulnerable of people to participate.Dr Katherine TrebeckPolicy & Advocacy Manager, Oxfam
Democracy is not just a question of having a vote. It consists of strengthening each citizen’s possibility and capacity to participate in the deliberations involved in life in society.Fernando CardosoFernando Cardoso
Northern Star brought an ethical and value driven professional approach that inspired our confidence as we have could see a match to our own values.  This enabled young people to gain training to actively participate in the research and evaluation.  This was an imperative for us that other companies could not achieve as they did not have the participation experience that our business needed.National YouthBanks Co-ordinatorYouthBank Scotland
I’ve never understood outcomes before, now I get itYoung Scot Staff memberYoung Scot Staff member
On behalf of the Glasgow Community Learning Strategy Partnership, I would like to thank you for all the work you’ve done to produce such a useful set of findings in such a short period of time.John GaltCommunity Learning Officer, Glasgow Life
Northern Star approach their tasks with a recognition that process is as important as outcome. They work hard to ensure all people are included – they have the strong skills in delivering participatory engagement and listening to all voices. They communicate with their client in a friendly, yet methodical and professional way. They report on a timely basis. On the basis of Oxfam’s experience of Northern Star’s delivery for the Humankind Index, their track record is impeccable.Dr Katherine TrebeckPolicy & Advocacy Manager, Oxfam
Northern Star have enabled YouthBank Scotland to objectively articulate impact, complete beneficiary chain analysis, contribute to policy contextualisation and actively engage our constituent parts in the research and evaluation process. Findings were presented in a comprehensive meaningful way which could be utilised immediately.  At the end of our pilot period this is an essential platform for the communication of recommendations to our future action planning and funding strategy.Heather McVeyNational YouthBank Co-ordinator, YouthBank Scotland